Other problem faced by patients apart from their medical illness like:

  1. Which doctor/hospital to consult for any particular medical condition.

  2. Unawareness about hospital admission, procedures, rate list (feel helpless and disoriented where to go.

  3. Perception of very high consultation fee at reputed hospitals. (prevent us from going to good hospital and we decide to go to our nearest healthcare provider without knowing his quality)

  4. Feel helpless once we reach to the hospitals as we don’t know anyone there and have to run disoriented from one corner to other for enquiry, registration, fee payment, admission and for various other reasons.

  5. Very long queue and long waiting time to see doctor ( worst feeling when you are ill and have to wait too long in that condition by sitting on chair)

  6. In case of health insurance, not clear whether your insurance will work for that disease or at that hospital or you will get insurance claim or not.

  7. In case of non insured member one time payment of treatment bill become very difficult for procedure like kidney stone, heart attack or any other surgical procedure where bill runs into thousands and even lakhs.

  8. Difficulty in referring to other hospital when we are not satisfied with hospitals treatment